Anyways, sorry for any grammatical errors! Originally posted by craftytheorist. The constant teasing between them was bound to end up in a sexual act, so here they were, the sounds of her wetness loud in the room and her needy moans from denying her of her orgasm.

The mirror in front of them giving Harry the most pleasurable view. The feeling of his long and slick fingers pumped into her with the occasional brush of his palm against her clit.

The bubbling in her stomach lasting for what seems like forever, Harry had yet to allow her to climax. His free arm holding her against his torso as she was shaking of her prolonged orgasm. Her thighs threatened to clamp shut as the thrusting of his fingers were now added with the pad of his thumb rubbing her clit. He threw her legs over his bent knees, opening her further and giving him more access to her most vulnerable part.

He slowed his pace down to tease her, the loudest whimper she had ever emitted came out of her mouth. The squeal that left her mouth when Harry decided to play with her soft breast made him smile victoriously, he knew the ways to pleasure her after the months of him exploring her body. Whines had turned into moans that filled the room with the filthy sounds of his fingers delving in and out of her.

Harry had stopped his thrusting only to begin shaking his fingers in her, dirty words tumbling from his lips. The moment she laid eyes on their figures she had released. Her orgasm so powerful she had nearly blacked out.

Her eyes fluttering shut while the groans tumbled out of her mouth, back arching from his torso to only be held down by Harry, thighs quivering at the orgasm she was finally able to experience after the long torturous moments of being declined one.

Working her through her high, half-lidded eyes had become a sign that she was tired and was about ready to let sleep take over her body. Slapping his chest at his childishness, she had left their position to only have her knees buckle the moment she stepped foot on the ground. Originally posted by ohstylesno. Originally posted by illuminateshawn. Originally posted by brendonurieworld. Originally posted by dailychrisevans.

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bad one direction imagines

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Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn. That Was Not Acting.It was the first day you and Harry were out in public—well, after he had announced it via tweeting about it.

And to say the least, he was more nervous than you were. Harry sighs exasperatedly, pushing his sunglasses up onto his forehead. His green eyes look tiredly over to you. You laugh mockingly, wrenching your hand out of his grasp. You smile and tip your head to the side. And then you let out a cruel laugh. A cry tears itself from the back of your throat. His jaw tightens.

You slam the door behind you before you have the chance to start crying. Mouthing an apology to the car behind you, you are quick to disappear into the alleyways Los Angeles. Fine, you think to yourself, ripping off your silver necklace. Take it. You dig your nails into your palms when you feel the smooth satin of your dress.

He let you walk out of his car, just like that. But in reality, you knew it started the day he took you back to Cheshire to meet Anne. Your sobs wrack your bones as you collapse onto the dirty ground and rip out the bobby pins that were holding your hair together. Off comes the blister-enducing heels that you were willing to suffer through for Harry. Your dress tears as soon as your body hits the floor and this makes you sob even harder.

All those extra shifts and second job you had to take up—gone. Just like that.PART 2. PART 3. PART 4. NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. There was something about the boy who would always be late to class, have the girls hanging off of his every word, curse like a damned sailor.

They say that light is attracted to the dark, that every bad boy needs a good girl. You had to say that they were right. As he walked the halls of your high school people parted like fish would for a shark. Everything about his appearance screamed danger; from rugged clothing and hair, to the tattoos that littered the expanse of body. Shy looks would be cast in his direction sometimes from you and he would hold onto them as though his life depended on it.

You were late to school, the first time in a long time, and you were rushing down to your locker. You cursed at the rain for making you not hear your alarm and for the traffic that then ensued. Just as you turned the corner you bumped into someone, almost falling but the steady hand caught you in a vice grip. You could feel everything around you and the few people in the hallway staring at the both of you with gaping eyes. You could see why people were scared of the boy, with his tall frame and domineering personality.

He could be so cruel to everyone but never once was he outwardly mean or rude to you.

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It was so cliche in your mind that it almost seemed laughable; the bad boy has a soft spot for the good girl. You mind always got ahead of yourself. You glanced around nervously, watching all the people around the two of you, before Harry spoke up. Not a second went by before everyone was darting in various directions. One person whispered loudly to a friend and made sure you could hear what they were saying.

The arms holding you tensed up and he pressed his lips into a thin line. He gazed down at you with a softened expression and you visibly relaxed.

The bell rang signaling class had begun. He just nodded and continued to stare at you. You walked off in the direction of your locker only to have him follow next to you.

Harry stood off to your right and leaned on the gold painted metal. You took him in next to and notice he was without a jacket despite the rain and you wondered if he was cold. Harry smirked at you and shook his head. You stopped before you walked in and thought of a good excuse. The day had flown by and you were thinking more and more about Harry then usual. You two were polar opposites and nothing good could stem from whatever this morning was. You felt saddened by that thought but pushed it away focusing on not getting wet as you walked to your car.

You let out a shocked scream as you saw Harry drenched with water waiting next to it. His hair was matted against his face as well as his shirt. Your gaze subconsciously traveled its way down his torso and you could see the prominent outlines of more tattoos. You just noticed that the parking lot had thinned out very fast, people seeking comfort in their homes.You slammed your locker closed, as the final bell rang for seniors.

You trotted to your last period of the day, and took a breath and opened the door. The whole class stared at you, and Mr. Styles turned around from facing the white board. His glasses fell down a little on his nose, as he looked at you, not looking surprised. Late again, hm? Styles instructed. You were so embarrassed. You were copying down the notes he was writing down on the board about English literature.

Your heart dropped when you heard your text message tone go off. Styles stopped writing, and turned around. You gulped, as the whole class turned to you. Fucking bitch classmates. Styles approached you and held out his hand. You looked down and took out your phone and handed it to him.

Styles glared at you, and put your phone in his pocket. You continued to take notes until a note flew in the air and landed on your desk. The paper made a noise. Styles stopped again. Styles instructed, writing a detention pass and handing it to you.

You took it slowly, and then reading it.

bad one direction imagines

The bell rang, and everyone ran out of the classroom, while you just sat down at your desk. Styles asked you. You got up from your desk and walked over to him. Damn, he looked really hot with his glasses and his messy curls going everywhere.

You sat down on the chair next to him, and turned to him. Everyone has those days. But punishment cannot be un noticed. Styles said seductively. He put his hand on your thigh, and rubbed circles, soothing you. Bad girls have to get punished.He takes off his shirt, exposing his wonderful abs for days. Next his shoes, his socks, and then his pants. Your panties are almost dripping.

He smirks. You start to suck on his cock, bobbing your head up and down. You smirk, and let the two words fall from your lips like honey drips. He places you on the floor and takes off your soaking underwear. He continues to eat you out until your juices flow out and into his mouth.

bad one direction imagines

He thrusts into you suddenly, not giving you a single second to adjust. He keeps thrusting ina nd out. You slowly get off of Liam, and he grabs a blanket to cover you both. Tonight was a fucking great night. I had my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend Louis and we went to the club with the others. It was a great year with him, included fights, tours and of course fucking rumors. Staying at home, watching movies on one evening.

Honestly, this is boring. So we decided to go to a club and get drunk and fuck untill we see the sunlight. Both of us were slightly drunk. Harry and Niall were somewhere grinding on girl while Liam was with Danielle and Zayn with Perrie somewhere else. Stay here, okay? After a few minutes someone sat next to me. But I was to drunk to care so I just grabbed his face and kissed him roughly.

Exo was right mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama turn back you know?

He grabbed me by the waist so I have to get up. With that he led me through the crowd to the dancefloor. He turned me around and I started grinding on him, swaying my hips to the music. I could feel his bulge on my ass and I grabbed his neck, pulling him closer. Suddenly his warm body disappeared behind me.

I turned around immediately and only saw Lou beat up a man who looked similar to him. I ran my hand through my straight hair while Zayn and Liam hold Louis back from killing this guy. So I would ask her this question. I could see the anger in his blue eyes. I felt the warm tears in my eyes but I just turned around and wanted to run away but instead I bumped into Harry. I mumbled a short sorry and headed to the exit.You are the most literate young woman you know - so much so that it is a slight scandal the amount you read.

Young women should of course only read as much as is fashionable in 19th century France, and your family worry that your obsession with Monsieur Hugo is becoming excessive. They are right, but not in the way they suspect. And then, as your beloved pushes open an iron grill and descends into a tunnel, you realise where it is you are going.

The smell hits you and you recoil - but your companion is flaring his nostrils the most passionate you ever saw and there is a smile spread across his elderly face.

He is approaching his eighty-first birthday, but you know the rumours are true. Even at this advanced age, Victor Hugo fucks. You consider asking if that is true, why does he stay with Adele and Juliette? Why can you not have him all to yourself? But, as you walk deeper through the sewers, you know in your heart you are not capable of saying anything to hurt him. He will have his way with you…and you with him.

Originally posted by voidify I thought you were revising for the midterm? The guy in the green waistcoat immediately offers you a drink. The ginger dude with a plait starts reciting poetry at you. Your bias has moved into your attic, and their sole source of income is posting cat wedding videos on youtube.

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They have a set of 6 cats that they stage a wedding for on Sundays, and then stage a divorce for on wednesdays. They make dollars a week by doing this but they spend 40 dollars staging the wedding and divorce for this. They ask you if they can get another cat. Without a warning, Dan suddenly disappears from Game Grumps. You walk into your bedroom after a long tiring day, and you peer past the door into your room to see a familiar face waiting for you on your bed.

Sprawled across the comforter is handsome Squidward, completely naked and completely sexually willing. You stand there contemplating, while his body tempts you. Log in Sign up. Exo was right mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama turn back you know? Imagine… You are the most literate young woman you know - so much so that it is a slight scandal the amount you read.Liam: You had been really in the mood for the past couple of days, but the other boys were almost always around.

bad 1d imagines

Finally, they had all gone out to a new club, leaving you and Liam a night to do whatever you wanted. Which mostly consisted of movies, until, you found him with his hand on your thigh. You turned to him with a sly grin. Liam covers you in a blanket and grabs your hand, taking you to the bedroom. Zayn: It was the day when Zayn had come back from his tour and he was feeling a little lonely.

bad one direction imagines

So you decided to help him out. After an intense make out session you removed his shirt, he removed yours and it continued on from there. He was on top of you and holding your hips, when a cough was heard from the door. You both snap your heads towards the door to find Niall standing there, a slightly amused expression on his face, "I know you haven't seen each other in like But you should really close the door; it's like you forget that I'm staying here for the week.

Plus you're really loud. She's for my eyes only. You two were practically finished anyways, do you snuggle into him and sleep. Niall: You were teasing him, wearing shorts and walking around without a shirt on, he finally snapped and dragged you up to the bedroom.

You sat on his lap and kissed him roughly, him biting your lip along the way. You were the one taking the lead, so you kissed his collarbone, hands traveling down to his belt buckle, and unbuckling it.

You two had just barely gotten started, you were still in your underwear, when you heard a voice from the hallway, "Hmm, say Niall mate, do you know where I could have put my-" The door swings open to reveal a shocked Liam. Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I mean I didn't even know you were doing this. You give a laugh at Niall's red tinted face, "Liam! Just get the hell out!

READING CRINGE ONE DIRECTION IMAGINES (instead of crying myself to sleep)

Sorry Love. I'm just not in the mood anymore. Harry: You were laying on Harry's lap, just casually dangling your feet while he was on his laptop. You opened one of your eyes to look at him, but he was already looking at you. You reached up and cupped his face, he shut his laptop and moved it over and returned his hands to your stomach.

His hands creeped up the back of your shirt and unclasped your bra. You have a sudden shiver of surprise but continued on, soon you were both under the thin sheets and doing it hard. That is, until Louis burst in and laid on the edge if your bed. You gave a loud squeal, "What the fuck Louis?! You threw a pillow at his head, "Get out, it was just getting good!

bad one direction imagines

Harry turned back to you, "So where were we? He puts his fingers through your belt loops and yanks down your shorts. You press closer to him and he carries you upstairs and into the bedroom, not bothering to close the door considering Harry was at an interview.

He pushes you against the wall and continue your love making. A voice comes from behind you and Louis nearly drops you out of his arms, he grabs a blanket and wraps it around the both of you, glaring at Zayn who interrupted you.

You're waaaaaay too loud. Now leave.

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You can't help but laugh, "You're too cute.

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