When I laugh or smile, a vein slightly to the right of the center of my forehead from my hairline to my eyebrow pops out a little. I would NOT look good with bangs to cover it, and tying the vein through surgery is definitely off the table. It shows magnificently and causes me to look like some mad lunatic in pictures.

I don't think I can get rid of it, so how noticeable is it? How unattractive is it? I think it's horrible and noticeable, but some of my friends said they didn't notice it until I pointed it out. Everyone has a lot of insecurities. I definitley do. I don't like my slight freckles on my forehead and I sometimes have a little acne and beauty marks :. Use some concealer and it should cover the color from it so it won't be noticeable at all.

It neutralizes the color and after you apply it, you can just put some normal foundation over it. Try not to use your eyebrows when you smile. When you smile for pics, you can just do a slight smile with your mouth and less with your upper forehead.

I had to do this because I used to raise my forehead whenever I smiled!! I don't even know why! Haha but I stopped doing it so its all good and its natural now to not raise my forehead.


Use your hair to your advantage! I certainly did!

vein in forehead when smiling meaning

On the side of your forehead where the vein is, try to part your hair so it covers most of it! I did bangs once and I rocked them! Love yourself. It helps a lot. A LOT. Your friends aren't lying to you; because whenever people bring up their insecurities to me, I am so serious when I say I never noticed them. Even if I did, I never found it unattractive! We are a harsh civilization; mostly to ourselves.Bulging veins, especially on the face, are most often harmless.

They typically appear on the front of the forehead or on the sides of the face by the temples. While bulging veins are normally seen in the elderly population and are associated with growing age, they also at times seem to signal excessive stress or pressure on part of the individual. Bulging forehead veins may be a common sight it is important to consult with a physician if t here is accompanied protrusion with pain. Go through the below article to find out about the causes of bulging forehead veins along with its treatment and the overall outlook.

vein in forehead when smiling meaning

The causes of bugling forehead veins in many people may be related to their body structure, role of genetics and aging. As a person gets older, their skin becomes thinner and can thus reveal the veins lying underneath it. Age can also raise the risk of vascular issues. Those with pale skin can even notice blue. Veins can also be more visible in thin or lower weight people.

Ones who are underweight, or have little body fat, tend to have tighter skin that make the veins in their forehead and other parts of the body, more visible. Pressure or Strain. Strain is one of the most important causes of bulging forehead veins.

Even a good laugh can make the forehead veins more visible. When one laughs, pressure increases in their chest which causes the veins to expand. The same thing happens when one exercises, sneezes frequently, or vomits badly.

Eye strain and tension headache can also raise the pressure in the head and the veins. However, if bulging forehead veins is associated with dizziness, pain and vision issues, immediate medical advice must be sought.

vein in forehead when smiling meaning

It produces more estrogen and progesterone, which cause weakening and widening of the veins. Blood flow also increases leading to the enlargement of veins and accumulation of blood in the body.Bulging veins on the forehead and the sides of your face are often seen among adults. Though these do not actually hurt you, in case you are facing pain then a consultation with the doctor is on the cards. The bulge in the veins is normally associated with stress and pressure because the facial skin thins with age.

The veins in the forehead usually become visible owing to age and in some cases genetics. People with pale skin can often see their blue coloured veins under the skin. Also, people with less weight are also likely to see veins on the forehead and also other body parts like the feet. If you have high blood pressure or doing any activity that can increase the blood rush then the veins on the forehead are likely to bulge.

Sometimes it is also an indication of a heart problem that has been lingering for a while. In case the swollen vein is accompanied by a chest pain is sure to consult a doctor.

It is a crucial time in the life of a woman because she is undergoing through a number of emotional and physical changes as well as hormonal changes. The production of hormones like progesterone and estrogens widens the blood vehicles and veins. The blood flow also increases throughout the body owing to this enlargement in the veins. The facial veins, therefore, tend to look bulging.

Pressure can make the veins bulge out and enhance visibility. This happens because when a person laughs that time pressure is created on the chest which makes the forehead vein expand. The same thing happens in the case of coughing, sneezing, and even vomiting. Any kind of strenuous activity like reading tiny printed letters or a headache also can increase the pressure on the veins that can make them protruding. If any of these activities are accompanied by difficulty in vision, pain or dizziness then it is important to get it checked by a doctor.

Walking or standing in the sun especially in the summer can make the face appear heavy with protruding veins. The sun rays enlarge the blood vessels making the veins bulgy.Report Abuse. Contact Us.

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Neurology Community. Visible veins in my forehead cjnlori. Hi, I have 2 veins that pop out in my forehead. If you look in my profile picture, you can see them. I also get light headed and dizzy and sometimes get head aches. Is this something serious that I should go to see a doctor about? Answer Question. Read 7 Responses. Follow - 5. There are many causes of vein swelling including venous insufficiency, heart failure, lymphedema, etc.

What Causes Bulging Forehead Veins & How is it Treated?

Do you have hypertension or heart disease? Your symptoms could be related to a cardiovascular disease. It would be best if you consult a cardiologist. My mom had a brain aneurysim a few years ago.

Do you think that it could be something like that? I should also add that about a year ago, I fell and hit my head right above my eye, on the side of a truck.Just as the color of your eyes can convey deeper meaning about your personalityour wrinkles reveal many fascinating details about our bodies and about our health. And when I saw what the lines between my eyebrows had to do with my liver and my spleen, I was really surprised. I had no idea that my face could give me such insight into my own health.

What do you think about the connection between our facial wrinkles and our health? Let us know in the comments! Having these lines indicates that you bottle up a large amount of stress. These forehead lines are also directly connected to your stomach. They may be an indication that you are getting too much sugar and fat in your diet and not enough water.

If you have these lines, you may need to focus a little more on exactly what you are putting into your body. Having a slanted vertical line between your eyebrows is a sign that your internal organs may be on the weaker side. This right eyebrow line is specifically connected to the liver. There are certain foods that promote a healthy liver such as green vegetables, sweet fruits, and whole grains. If you have this right eyebrow line, you can combat a weak liver by cutting back on coffee, spicy foods, and salt.

Obviously, if you are experiencing severe liver problems, you must be sure to see a doctor. Just as the right eyebrow line connects to the liver, the left eyebrow line has a direct correlation to the spleen. A prominent left eyebrow line could indicate weakness or trouble in the spleen. If you suspect anything serious, you should seek medical attention.

New Bulging Vein on my Forehead

But in response to your left eyebrow lines, you can strengthen your spleen with certain foods. Like the pancreas, the spleen is stimulated by sweet foods. Just make sure not to add too much sugar to your diet. Some sweet or dried fruit are a perfect natural way to strengthen this organ. Some people have a wrinkle line right across the bridge of their nose.I have some kind of 'V' shaped vein on my forehead. It's apparent when I laugh, smile or perform other facial actions.

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A surgeon performed one treatment of sclerotherapy and vascular laser on the same day. There have been no significant changes. Would dermal fillers be appropriate? What about surgically stripping and ablating the vein? These forehead veins are fairly common and I treat them with sclerotherapy with very good results. However, more than one sclerotherapy session may be required.

I do not use a topical laser to treat these nor stripping or ablation and fillers only hide the vein and are a short term solution. I treat blue veins of the face with sclerotherapy, but go to someone with experience at occluding the ophthalmic vein during injection to avoid any potential problem with a blood clot to the eye vein.

Listen to our VeinMagazine Podcast here! List Your Facility Vein Magazine. Search GO. Search Search. It's apparent when I laugh, smile or perform facial actions. Can it be stripped or filled with fillers? I have a 'V' shaped vein on my forehead. Answered by Vanish Vein and Laser Center These forehead veins are fairly common and I treat them with sclerotherapy with very good results. Published on Jan 03, Published on Jul 11, Answered by Lonnie Harrison, MD I treat blue veins of the face with sclerotherapy, but go to someone with experience at occluding the ophthalmic vein during injection to avoid any potential problem with a blood clot to the eye vein.

Published on Aug 17, Related Questions for Facial Vein Treatment I have prominent veins and varicose veins in both temple areas on my head.

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They are unsightly and cause my face to ache. What can I do? Facial Vein Treatment - 2 answers. These veins get worse in the heat. They really pop then. Part of what caused them is that I used to wear hats and bandanas a lot. Even during excessive and hot yoga. I think it blocked veinous blood flow that was trying to drain from my head. Is there anything I can do about this?A bulging vein or ateriovenous fistula that develops on the forehead relates to blood flow between arteries and veins.

Sometimes these veins arise as a result of exercise, injury, or underlying health complication such as kidney problems. Bulging veins on the forehead may be characterized by swelling, reddishness, or take on a purplish hue.

According to Scientific American, escalating arterial pressure during exercise causes veins under the skin to rise closer to the skin's surface.

One Month Before Stroke, Your Body Will Send You These Warning Signs, Don’t Ignore Them!

Locations of the body where less fat exists under the skin such as the forehead tend to expose bulging veins more readily. See your doctor or health care practitioner if the bulging vein on your forehead remains visible following exercise. A bulging vein may appear in the forehead as a result of a traumatic injury, according to the MayoClinic.

An arteriovenous fistula represents an atypical connection between the artery and the vein; blood bypasses the normal route from arteries to capillaries to veins and instead flows directly from the artery to the vein. Any injury that penetrates the skin may activate an arteriovenous fistula.

Speak to your doctor or health care practitioner if you have had a recent facial injury and notice a bulging vein in your forehead. If left untreated, a bulging vein may instigate heart problems down the line, according to the Merck Manuals Online Medical Library. Large arteriovenous fistulas may induce a decrease in blood pressure, which in turn makes the heart work harder and may impede heart function over time. Treatment for a bulging vein on the forehead depends on the size of the arteriovenous fistula, according to MayoClinic.

In some cases, the bulging vein closes on its own; in others surgery becomes necessary. Fitness Workouts Upper Body Exercises. Emma Cale. Emma Cale has been writing professionally since A new bulging vein on forehead requires medical attention. Share this article.

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